Gorgie City Farm Edinburgh

September 1, 2017

Gorgie City Farm Edinburgh


Gorgie City Farm is one of the cutest farms I’ve ever been to. For the relatively small space they’ve got, being in the middle of the city and all, they do some amazing things with it for their animals and the environment. 

There seems to be a lovely atmosphere in there at all times like a haven from everything else in the city. When you go in, you forget what the time is or what you are supposed to be doing. It is like having a mini vacation – surrounded by friendly people, wonderful scenery of colourful flowers and plants and the beautiful sweet faces of the local animals. I say local animals because it only takes two visits to feel like you’ve bonded with them. That’s the upside of it being not too big. While there is such a variety to see, there are not hundreds and hundreds of the same animal, so the handful of pigs or sheep or cows that live there you come to remember. Or rather that they remember you! 

What I love about Gorgie City Farm is also how it is laid out. It is set on a little winding trail that takes you on a tour beginning with the cute mountain goats with their floppy caramel ears onto the myriads of chickens. White, flaxen, vivid black and some even spotted. They not only have abundant space but also little things to keep them entertained like swings and climbing frames! You see them peck and dig nests and strut around, and while you’re not allowed to feed them, they still come to you and like saying hello.

The stables house different kind of pigs but my favourite pigs are the ones which live outside. They have an amazing mechanism which allows them to push a button with their nose and water spurts out and they lap it up. We took a hilariously cute video of this our first time there and ‘Piggy’ is now our favourite. Watch this cute video we posted of him on our Instagram below!


There are cute ducks with a pond to themselves – it seems like they are a couple, and while the white fluffy one patters around and makes a cute sound while drinking the water, the other darker one bathes in the sun and watches with a keen eye. When he is standing, he stretches out looking really tall and proud of his area. Their space being positioned at the top and centre point of the farm, it is really like they are the mascots. 

The trail leads to the other side of the farm with large fields for the cows and sheep, and what I especially love about Gorgie City Farm is that they have most cleverly placed benches all around these spots so that you can take a seat and admire the brown cow eating grass right by the fence, it being so used to human company. Or watch the fluffy brown and white sheep – I’ve never seen brown sheep before!

And as always when you’re at a farm this cute, feeling a little sad that you’ve seen it all, you think to yourself – I wish I could just stay here and take in the scenery. Luckily it’s not the end there! The trail even leads to a little area where they have garden patches only for growing beautiful flowers and fruits and vegetables. You can see cabbages and large green apples just hanging there, and a huge greenhouse filled with orange flowers. There is also a bench here but built so much more beautifully to suit, with a wooden frame and a little wooden shelter. It is like a little paradise!


Further through this trail there is a little wildlife area through a beautiful arch – it seems almost secret. It’s wonderful and peaceful, with ponds and a quaint bridge. If you’ve ever needed to just escape and think or let yourself be free, there is no better place to do that in Edinburgh I think. Whoever designed Gorgie City Farm was not only thinking about first and foremost the health and happiness of the animals, but also of the joyful soul of people. 

Other secrets to discover is the herb garden, the little kids playpark at the centre featuring a cool large red tractor, and further to the right a large field for the rabbits, next to a Pet Lodge where you can see and learn about turtles, snakes and bearded dragons. If you like guinea pigs and the like you can find them there too. 

When you’ve had enough of the fresh scenery, there is a cafe open from 10-4, which you will feel totally comfortable visiting as there are friendly signs all around reminding people to wash their hands, with plenty of toilets and outdoor sinks to do so. 

So, if you have time spare and you’re in need of revitalizing and regenerating, or you simply want to visit somewhere friendly, welcoming and super happy, come to Gorgie City Farm. While standing in the vegetable and fruit garden, mesmerized by the colours and abundance of organically growing things, I saw a beautiful white butterfly quickly zipping by, stopping at each of these places too. I thought to myself, I’m not the only one who loves it. If it’s good enough for the butterflies, it’s good enough for me. 



Gorgie City Farm are doing a lot more in the way of organic produce and summer volunteering – to find out more visit their website, or simply ask anyone while you are there – they are super friendly and helpful! 
Also, if you are luckily reading this before the 2nd of September – there is a Farm Fest on the 2nd of September celebrating its 40th anniversary, with live music, games, beer, face painting and lots more. It’s free entry and everyone is welcome – come along!

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