National Museum of Scotland

May 13, 2017

National Museum of Scotland

Even though this website is focused on the lesser known hidden gems – if there’s ever somewhere popular and common to visit in a new city that we believe is essential, it would be a museum. Although it is tradition and often recommended to tourists, it is the one popular thing which is invaluable, because although the establishment itself is familiar, it’s the inside that counts, and that is filled with unique and wonderful discoveries! Museums are not only great ways to learn about the city you are visiting, but great ways to learn about facts and things which aren’t easily learned or accessible otherwise! So in a way, through this rather popular route, you learn unique and special things about each city you visit. Hidden gems!

Of course, museums generally have attractions inside from all over the world and not only the city it is in, however, the more the merrier! And generally, these will accompany displays and objects which are in fact one of a kind, original versions which cannot be found anywhere else. In one compacted and animating visual as well as mental experience you are able to discover so many new things which I think is at the heart of a traveller. It leaves you with wonder and more appreciation for the other things to visit.

Museums are super exciting and we especially had a great time at the National Museum of Scotland, which was my first time! Did you know, for example, that John Napier of Merchiston, who was born in Edinburgh (and has a university also named after him here), was a famous mathematician who invented logarithms?! If you’ve ever studied maths and know how often that is used, you’ll be blown away that it came from our very own city! Finally, the best thing about the Museum? It’s free! ? Now we’re talking.

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(Featured cover image – National Museum of Scotland / Gareth Hoskins Architects, © Andrew Lee )

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