Our 3 Favourite Places to eat in Shetland

June 25, 2017

Our 3 Favourite Places to eat in Shetland

Shetland has a wide variety of great places to eat. The majority of restaurants here will always use fresh local produce – with a particular speciality in delicious fresh fish (there are some benefits to living on an island surrounded by rough seas!). This list is in no particular order, and there are many more places we would have loved to mention and recommend, but here are three of our current favourites. 


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“The most northerly fish and chip shop in the UK”. Being British we have a serious love for our Friday fish and chips. From when I was young, I can always remember dinner on Fridays being reserved for fish and chip day! Since its opening in 2008, Frankie’s has been by far the best fish and chips I have ever tasted. It’s not just your average fish and chip takeaway which are littered across the entire landscape of the UK. Here, fresh fish is directly caught from the waters surrounding Shetland, with variations of breaded and battered cooked to such crisp and light perfection that you could never go back to frozen! The battered fish especially surprised Nancie who said she couldn’t believe how delicate it was, yet in such satisfyingly large portions. The food served at Frankie’s has consistently gotten better and better every year. This high standard can be seen by the countless awards they have won (Best Independent Fish & Chip Shop 2015, No.1 Fish & Chip Shop in Scotland 2014 & 2015). The venue itself is picturesque. Situated on the top of a small hill in Brae – the tables overlook the beautiful ocean and many hills. They even have a small patio where you can sit outside and enjoy the sun – when it appears! There is also a selection of home baked cakes on offer for dessert and special treats. This only adds to the charm of Frankie’s and provides another example of how it’s unique and one of the best fish and chip restaurants’ in the UK.

Our breaded and battered fish suppers! 🙂


Hay-Dock’s café located in the main town of Shetland and is another fantastic place to go for food. Built on the top floor of the Shetland Museum, this offers a great view of the Lerwick Harbour and beyond. The museum itself is a fascinating place to visit, and what better way to finish your journey of discovery with some great Shetland food! The menu is extensive and offers separate options for lunch and dinner. There are also unique ‘specials’ on every day as well as in holiday seasons e.g. Christmas, Easter, New Year etc.! I particularly enjoyed the steak sandwich which was served on fresh ciabatta bread so succulent and warm, with chips and a drizzle of garlic butter melting in the steak slices. Nancie got the fish cakes which came with a grape salad and found it was such a filling yet light combination. Although I have only visited the Hay Dock Café a handful of times; the food has always been very appealing and presented with style. There is always a welcoming atmosphere and it is a wonderful venue for small events or gatherings.


The Waterside Bar & Grill was the first restaurant I took Nancie to in Shetland. I have to admit this restaurant has gone through some significant changes during my 20+ years in Shetland. I believe the current owners and staff have finally transformed the restaurant into a place that is well worth a visit! The menu is extensive and there really are great options for all tastes. The décor is modern and sleek, and although the restaurant is quite large – it does have a very relaxed and homely feel to it. On our more recent visit, Nancie ordered the creamy pasta mixed with fresh prawns and chicken. I had the Southern Fried Chicken with twice cooked chips. It was so heavenly we had to give compliments to the chef afterwards! 


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